Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I received my latest knife last week. It's a beauty. Made by Mr. Itou in Japan. It has an eight inch Damascus blade with a combination of hippo ivory, turquoise and marble for the handle. This will be another "don't use" knife. I now have three. I appreciate well crafted things. Such as knives, guitars and pistols. Some things are good just to look at and some things are meant to be used. The rest of my knives are meant to be used, and they do get used.

Most experienced cooks develop a bond with their favorite knife. As I open my knife kit I get a little bit of a rush of excitement. Which knife am I going to use for this task? The task at hand usually will dictate which knife I use. If it's for general purpose I most often grab my Hattori KD series santaku. It's an expensive knife that I didn't intend to use so much but it has become an every day knife. It is well balanced, always sharp, and very comfortable in my hand. A pleasure to use.

I've gotten into the habit of keeping all of my knives sharp. Every time I grab one I don't have to check for sharpness, I know they will ALL be sharp. No one touches my knives but me. I clean them, sharpen them and take them with me where ever I'm working. I can't stand it when I find a kitchen knife by the dishwasher waiting to be washed. It's a rule in my kitchen that you take care of your knives. It helps create that bond between chef and knife. That relationship is important. I will never develop a bond with my "don't use" knives because I will never use them, clean them or sharpen them. I would be more upset if I lost an inexpensive knife I've bonded with than the very expensive "look at" knives I never use. Some day I'll have to break down and use my pretty boys just to get to know them and make them feel comfortable in the stable. It must be like being a place kicker in football. Looking all pretty in a clean uniform but really only half a football player because you don't mix it up and get dirty.