Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The beginning of 2009 will see a small wine list tweak. I'm 86'ing a couple of wines because of poor service from the distributor. (ahem, Badger) Unfortunately I have to deal with them to get a few liquor products but there is alot of good wine out there that people can choose from. We'll probably lose a couple glass pours as well. I think currently we have 14. That's too many during a slow time of year.

Small menu tweaks are ahead as well. I found a good source of sustainable grouper that will allow me to put it back on the menu. I'll also change the tofu to a non vegan vegetarian dish. (I know that's going to piss some people off) Most likely a grilled mushroom, spinach and vegetable polenta lasagna. We ran it New Year's and it was well received.

We hope to concentrate on the garden this year. We are looking for a part-time gardener to help tend to it.

We will be advertising in Milwaukee. Something we really haven't done before. We are virtually unheard of north of the county line. We are 30 minutes from downtown Milwaukee with comparable food, better prices, service and tons of convenient parking. They should be beating down our doors. If they start coming look for us to spread our wings culinary-wise.

Knock on wood but I think 2009 will be a good one. (It can't get much worse)