Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make It Your Bitch

A very valuable lesson I've learned in life. It may sound crude but in my world, there is no better way to express it.

"If it scares you, make it your bitch". It applies to everyone. No matter what your circumstances. Everyone is afraid of something. It may be small, it may be big. The same rule applies.


Big C Samurai doesn't like to do cheese plates because he's slow at it and afraid he will look bad or gets snapped on if he does them. So he let's his partner "conveniently" assemble them. You know what I told him. Along with orders that he make every cheese plate until further notice.

I've always been claustrophobic and afraid of heights. So what did I do? Joined the fire department. Don layers of clothing, breathing apparatus and crawl into a burning building. That's about as claustrophobic as it gets. And dancing on roof tops 50 feet in the air is about as fearless as it gets.

I used to be a big computer gamer. There was one particular scenario within a favorite game that I really sucked at. I was afraid that my rep would take a pounding when I played that "map". What did I do? I practiced the shit out of it and made it my...............

So whether in work, entertainment or life, it applies the same.

I'm in the process now of making my greatest fear of all time, "my bitch".

I'm curious what happens once you've conquered your greatest fear?  Hmm, could be interesting.

Day 8

Another good day yesterday. Thank you. Let's see what today brings.

Holiday weekend. Trying to stay busy.

Thoughts of wasted time.

Thoughts of what may yet be possible.

Boy, I don't miss the hangovers!

It's becoming apparent I can have A drink and not want another.

When I decided to change my life I thought I was doing it for someone else. I realize now that I'm doing it for me. It's the only way it will get done.

Another night of four hour sleep.

I suspect my dog is an angel.

When I wake in the early morning hours, I find myself looking forward to the day. That hasn't happened in years. Thoughts of wasted time.

Cautiously optimistic.