Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Update

Four beds remain un-planted. One bed has to be mended which is going to involve moving some dirt around. We'll plant the others as soon as weather and schedule permit. The planted beds are doing well. After going through a little shock the plants have new growth and seem to be adapting to the environment. I've got some weeding to do as well as some cultivating.

Unfortunately I'm losing the battle with the bunnies. I installed another wire fence around the lettuce beds and sprayed what smells like coyote piss around the perimeter (Note to self, stand up-wind when spraying)to no avail. They are enjoying the sweetest and most tender green lettuce. They don't like the red. I've seen birds hanging around the garden but I think they're looking for worms.

We're harvesting chives, chive flowers and asparagus at the moment. Another week or so I can start clipping lola rosa and red leaf lettuce. Unfortunately when I tilled the beds I forgot about the asparagus. I went a little too deep and probably disturbed some roots. We're getting asparagus but we should be getting more. It will be a little while before the two beds recover. Other than that I'm seeing some real positive growth. The beans and squash are really enjoying themselves and the cukes and toms are reluctantly putting forth effort.

After this rainy week I'll really have some weeds to pull.