Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 7

Some people reading this who know me may have seen me have a drink in the last week. Yes, I still will have an alcoholic beverage. I have a self imposed daily limit of no more than two cocktails (highballs) or one martini. Or nothing at all. Essentially, never being close to the legal limit, never being hung over, never having alcohol affect my judgement, not have it affect my physical or mental well being, not have it affect others, etc, etc, etc.

Some people may ask, why not just quit all together? It may come to that but this is the way I'm approaching it and so far I'm happy with the results.

Day 7

Pretty soon four hours of sleep a night is going to catch up with me. One of the reasons I'm writing this is to kill some time in the wee hours.

I'm really liking not being hung over. It's been almost a week.

Several recent mysterious ailments are starting to disappear.

My appetite has grown tremendously.

Boredom is still an issue. As a matter of fact, boredom is at the root of it all.

My morning bike rides with Bullit are far more enjoyable.

I can see beauty in things again.

I thank God for yesterday and pray for today.