Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Current Affairs

Halibut Season, The Menu Gets Another Tweak and "Early Morels".

I've been bringing in Alaskan halibut on a regular basis and the quality has been great. I also brought in "early" morels. They're not true morels but look, smell and taste like morels. They're also known as "Verpa" morels. They come out early, before the real morel season. The ones I have are from the Columbia River Valley in Washington State. The micro greens this week are golden pea shoots, micro mustard sprouts and micro daikon sprouts.

Sauteed halibut with early morel cream, micro mustard sprouts, 25 YO balsamic reduction, parsley oil.

I've been playing around with the steak options on the menu and have come up with another idea. I'm going back to the rib-eye. Not 14oz, not a bone-in 18oz but a bone-in 28oz dry aged USDA Choice Certified Angus Beef Rib-eye. That is not a typo. 28oz dry aged choice angus beef rib-eye for $34.00. An excellent value considering the 18oz was $32 when I took it off the menu.

I cut the first rib today, picture above. You get seven steaks out of one "export" rib. The one missing in the photo is on the grill.

P.S. I'm finally figuring out this "new" camera. When I don't screw it up it works pretty damn good. (Click on the photos for close-ups)