Sunday, February 3, 2008

Slight Adjustment Needed

You may have noticed I have a thing for knives. I appreciate the craftsmanship, style and performance of a good knife. My interest led me to "Knife Forums", a web site dedicated to "intelligent knife discussions". I thought I was a knife nut, I pale in comparison to the knife nuts on there. Very knowledgeable people who have similar interests in quality knives and makers. I've learned a ton about Japanese knives in particular. They are the main topic of conversation within the kitchen section of the forums. I had already owned a couple Japanese knives but wasn't aware of the scope and nature of manufacture. Small mom and pop shops to large operations. The Japanese take great pride in the craft. Their knives are also extremely sharp and aficionados are almost obsessive about how sharp they can get them. (keeping them sharp as well) Hence I made the plunge into wet stones for sharpening. I've used oil stones and machines in the past but since using the wet stones my knives are far sharper than ever before. I also keep them sharp. All of them all of the time. As a result I have to adjust my knife handling by a few millimeters. My knife works in close proximity with my left hand. It's never a good thing when the two meet. My knives were always sharp (relatively speaking) but now they are scary sharp. I never noticed the countless times when my knife would just graze over a finger tip or gently bump into one. I notice it now. These knives are not so forgiving. One touch and you're breaking skin. I happened to notice the tips of three of my fingers on my left hand had "knife bites". Small irritating cuts that you don't notice right away or sometimes not at all. Working in a kitchen your finger tips get toughened and callused so it's not until you're squeezing lemons or dipping into the salt bucket that you notice them. The photo to the right shows you what I'm talking about. The one on the index finger is on it's way to healing and the other two are fresh. I'm sure soon enough I'll naturally adjust to the new conditions. The last thing I want to do is think about adjusting. (remember, Zen knife) Bad things will happen if I do. It will happen on it's own without me being aware. In the mean time I'll have to remember and pick-up more finger tip band-aids and Polynesian prophylactics. (finger cots)