Thursday, January 15, 2009


As always I encourage you to click on the photo for a closeup.

Uber fresh sable fish, braised with mirin, sable stock, coconut milk, peppers, micro Thai basil. Purple sticky rice and a little garnish. Killer.

I'm just filling with some recent photos. Above is the ever present tuna tataki. The colors look especially good in this shot. The tuna was exceptional as well. Big-eye out of Hawaii

Our apple turnovers fresh from the oven.

I'm not a sauce over the protein guy but I needed some contrast between the golden pancake and salmon.

Special salad we did tonight. Spring mix and romaine rolled in a nori sheet with golden pea shoots, amaranth and typical sesame dressing.

I really like the title pic. It's kind of interesting when you zoom in on specific areas. I love the clothes pins. Been there a long time.