Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chopping an Onion in the Dark

A little slow but with some practice I could be up to full speed.
(Be sure to view the entire video.)

Watch the hands. I pick landmarks on the onion for the first slices. Peeling is the easy part. Now the hard part. The horizontal slices. The first half isn't bad. I never lose contact with it. I use the edge of my cutting block as a guide for height. First slice, one knuckle, the second slice two. But you have to keep your blade level. I practiced the grip before doing it to remember how it felt in my hand. The second half is kinda scary. I have to retrieve it. I wasn't sure if the halves were the same size so I had to assume they were and go for it. Still fumbled a bit. Again using the edge and knuckles for height. The vertical cross slices are a piece of cake.

(After reviewing the Kramer and Onion video it appears I'm faster blindfolded)

I just watched episode one of Top Chef. The knife skills test. Pfffft, I'd smoke'em blindfolded)