Monday, May 5, 2008

More Organic

Patrice and I visited an organic farm today. Great day for a walk in the fields and get to know the grower. We've been looking for an organic farmer to supplement Patrice's garden. Tim was happy to show us around his fields. We walked through the asparagus block and snapped off a couple fat asparagus and ate them raw. Wow, tender as can be.

One thing (Among many things)Tim will be supplying is lettuce. We have a difficult time growing it in our garden. The rabbits are veracious. (and clever) We'll be able to concentrate on herbs and more exotic garden vegetables while Tim supplies vegetables that are higher in demand and more efficient for him to grow.

One thing we hope to start doing soon is an organic special using solely organic produce, dairy and meat products. Some people may think we're jumping on the "green" bandwagon but this is something we've done for years and something Patrice has been passionate about. I've been buying from farmer's markets since the 80's and around this rural part of the county we are surrounded by farms. So "local source" is a fancy phrase for something we've been doing since day one, buying from the local farmers at their stands or at the farmers markets. You really can taste the difference. It's also nice to keep the dollars in the local economy. These days that may be more important than anything. It's definitely a win, win for everyone.