Thursday, March 19, 2009

From a thread at Knife forums:

I'll tell you why I hate cutting carrots.

After 12 years of cooking professionally I decided to take a big pay cut and be a fireman. I was also putting my wife through college and just had a baby. I moonlighted cooking on my offs. Money was short so when I got a great part time gig at a cool little restaurant in the chic part of town, it relieved the pressure. On my first night I sliced off the top of my knuckle cutting carrots. It's still the worst I have ever cut myself. I was trying to impress the boys with my skills. Back then you didn't carry around your own knives from job to job. You used what was there. Needless to say it was a bad knife in the hands of a journeyman.

One thing was certain, I was going to finish that shift.

To this day every time I cut carrots I think of that night 20 years ago.

Creative Rut

Can't cook, can't write, can't paint, can't play.