Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Painting Thing

The painting thing freaks me out. Honestly.I have always loved art. And, I've always been pretty good at it. But..... The obstacles put before me prevented my taking advantage of some God given skills. The obstacles? That's another story, a long one.

In the years I've studied art, (mostly high school and a semester of college) I was challenged with actually finishing a piece. Whether it be a sculpture, a pot or a painting I rarely finished a project. For example, I can only remember completing one painting in all my years in school and since. Where that painting is right now is a mystery. I sure would love to have it.

With that being said, you may get a clue as to why this painting thing is freaking me out. I've finished seven paintings and another eight pastels and charcoal within the last couple of months. Lately I'm feeling compelled to create and finish something each day. Photography, video, painting, cooking, etc. WTF?

The best part is I'm starting to get IT. Like in math class when all of a sudden a light bulb goes off. And it all seems so easy after that. Now it's a matter of practice and exploring. The best part of the learning curve.

When I'm painting I find myself making little discoveries along the way, and with each one a big smile comes across my face, I get a little shiver and ask why? Why now? Why not then?

Fuckin A man.

Pier in Oil