Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After the last two lousy summers I was looking forward to a relaxing and enjoyable summer of 2009. The other restaurant we operated (I refuse to say the name) pretty much drained me of my last five. With last summer flat out ruined with the closing and subsequent auction.

With my sous chef gone it leaves me to work until the new sous arrives and then to work with the new sous until he is up to speed. That will probably take us to the end of summer. There goes another.

As I wake this morning after working a 10 hour shift I'm finding it very difficult to psyche myself up to pull weeds in the garden. It's hard enough when I'm rested. After the garden it will be a quick shower and another 10 hour shift. This will be repeated until the garden is played out and the sous chef is ready to go.

Let's hope for a beautiful September.