Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sharpening Single Bevel Knife

The video depicts sharpening a knife to "professional use" standards. For most users a fraction of the steps I took are necessary. Although once you get used to a sharp knife it becomes addicting.

If any locals are interested in learning to sharpen or trying out some Japanese knives and wet stones just contact me through this site at the "Contact Salty" link. There are many shapes and styles of knives. Most are designed for a specific task. Many are single bevel (Like the one in the video, kinda flat on one side) but many are double bevel similar to traditional German or French knives and some are considered all purpose.

If you're serious about food you should be serious about your tools.

If I may suggest getting a few like-minded individuals together and do it as a group. It will be fun and educational.