Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Get er done!

I have some major work to do and none of it's cooking. I talked about spurts before but I haven't gotten nearly enough done. I've been busy cooking and dealing with near record business volume. (Woot!) On my plate is: New menu and format at restaurant #2. We're going with a tabloid sized single page menu. Upgrading the content as well. Going to "upscale" it a bit. Also have to work on guest check flyer's for gift certificates and happy hour. Restaurant #1 also is due for a menu tweak. We want to change the format there as well but that part can wait. I also need to produce a couple of radio commercials that need to be running NOW! I record them in my little "studio". We used to go to the station and record them but it's much easier and convenient for me to do them at home. You can't notice the difference in quality. Thankfully Thanksgiving time it slows down for a couple weeks before the shit hits the fan for the holiday push. Which reminds me, I need a New Years Eve menu as well.

The new bar manager didn't exactly work out so I'll be dealing with that as well. I've already hired a new one that we'll be training in two weeks. I for one insist new hires give proper notice unlike a certain new Italian restaurant in town. Speaking of restaurants, we dined at the Japanese restaurant in town for the first time the other night. Our intention was to have dinner. Wrong, it was a zoo but I won't get into that. I wanted to mention that I was appalled that they served frozen tuna on their sushi. You know the kind. The bright pink stuff that never loses it's color. I couldn't believe a sushi joint serves frozen tuna! What is more bothersome is that people actually think it's good. Even a couple foodie types I know. My wife said I was probably the only guy in town who could tell. There in lies my problem. Why bother with quality ingredients if you can dazzle them with flaming onions and flying shrimp! I wanted to stand up in the middle of the dining room and scream "THEY SERVE FROZEN FISH!"