Thursday, February 28, 2008


The steelhead was gorgeous. I ordered two more for the weekend. I ran them bathed in a light black trumpet cream broth. The trumpets are extremely flavorful. Shaved a little Bianchetti truffle into the broth. Jade rice and gently sauteed spinach. It was killer. I'll probably run it this way through the weekend.

The razor clams were surprisingly big. Ran them last night and will save the remainder for the weekend. Very sweet. Almost scallop-like in flavor.

The 140z bone-in filets were very nice. The bone was a little big in my opinion. I'll shop around and see who has the best steak and trim. I really like the idea and it sold well.

The Bianchetti truffles are interesting. They are an Italian spring truffle just coming into season. The French black truffles are coming to an end and are up to $1100.00 per pound. The Bianchettis were half that.

I love watermelon radishes. I was using them as a garnish on the salads last night. Tonight and this weekend they will be included in the bento box.

New plates and stuff coming today. Including bento boxes. A Japanese square plate that's broken up into compartments. I'll serve an combination appetizer in it. Some sushi, oysters, scallop, (scallop and truffle? mmmmm!) radish etc.