Thursday, April 1, 2010

Keeping it in the "Family"

We've just gone through an almost complete turnover in the kitchen. Corina left for a full time day job and school, Javiar got an attitude, Victor got pissed off at Robert and walked out in the middle of a Saturday night, Juan left four days later and our other Juan couldn't make it to work one day because of a job interview. You can figure how that ended up.

Robert, a Milwaukee boy suggested he call "some of his guys", I said no fuckin way, I don't need some tattoo'd wanna be Bobby Flay's "A-rose-Aing" the fuckin scallops! I told him I got my guys here in town, I like to "keep it in the family", guys who know how I operate and I know how they operate.

Within a week all the positions were covered with seasoned pros. All of whom have worked for me in the past, not for short periods of time but for multiple years. I've learned not to burn bridges with the "good ones".

I know some people wonder how I get these guys back knowing how demanding I am. The ones that wonder haven't worked in a kitchen. They haven't been in the trenches. No use in explaining.