Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's New

I have been catching my breath after the holidays so I haven't had the desire to post. Not that much has been going on anyway. I don't like to write something just for the sake of writing. (Although it may seem like it)

Just got back from an exploratory trip to a vacation spot here in Wisconsin. We've been considering opening a seasonal restaurant there. The last time we were there for pleasure we spotted a tired restaurant that was priced to sell. After careful consideration we will most likely not do it at this time. The economy isn't the greatest, costs are rising, the labor shortage and the distance has made us think twice. We feel we'll be needed to pay attention to our existing restaurants in this time of economic turmoil. If it's still for sale after the national elections we may still consider it.

We'll be going to New York for a dinner at the James Beard house next week on January 23rd. We'll be there attending not cooking. The chef where my daughter works will be staging a truffle dinner. It was a good excuse to go to the big apple. While there I hope to check out some culinary hot spots as well. I'll take plenty of photos and post them here.

As far as work goes, some menu tweaking is in order as well as an update to both wine lists. I want to add some French Burgundies and maybe some Italians. Our clientele is increasingly foreign and on expense accounts. They don't seem to care for American wine. I had one big shot who flew three cases of wine with him on the corporate jet to serve while he was here. (Not sure if that's legal)

Slow season at #2. I just tweaked the menu to make it less labor intensive and we now close between lunch and dinner. During the cold winter months downtown is a ghost town. It happens every year. Thankfully our private dining facility associated with #2 keeps us afloat during this time.

I lost my ace saute man at #1 so I'll be pulling a few more shifts on the line. I'll miss the guy. He went back to Mexico and may or may not return. He's been working for me for a few years, young and cocky but he can back it up. One of the best I've ever had. (I've had many)

If anyone out there has any New York suggestions please feel free to offer them in the comment section. I just wish we'd be going on Monday so we could catch Les Paul at the Iradium (sp?)Club. I have a photo of him and me that I'd like him to sign. It will go with the guitar (a Les Paul) that he has signed.

BTW, you can see my ace saute man, Heriberto, on the staff Christmas video located below. He's the guy with the curly hair standing at the "Mexican" table.