Friday, October 19, 2007

Wine Dinner Tonight!

Being short handed lately has not made this wine dinner any easier. I should have ordered some things sooner so I could get an earlier start. I have a luncheon today for 29 and I have to do payroll. This and preparing for 70 or so six course dinners.
I wasn't able to post the menu but I will be reflecting on it when I have a chance this weekend. It's "sweetest day" Saturday and I have a wedding for 60. It's going to a very busy three days.

I made a last minute change to the menu. I managed to get my hands on some abalone for the first course. It will be the most expensive course of the evening for me to serve.

Gots to get to work. Hope to see some of you tonight! (That's if anyone actually reads this)


Anonymous said...

we read it.

I'm not a real foody (just a happy eater!), but I find your experiences interesting from a customer standpoint.

Look forward to trying abalone tonight...I've only had it cooked to death in chowders. Not exactly sure what it really tastes like.

Anonymous said...

woo woo, at least one person reads this stuff!