Monday, March 31, 2008

Meat Guy Gets a Phone Call


Here's an example of unacceptable product. The kernal fat (that big chunk of fat between meat sections.) is too large. You want a certain amount of fat there but this is excessive. I found five rib eyes that weren't acceptable on Saturday. They all came from the same meat cutter. Personally I'd chose this steak if I were to eat it but most customers wouldn't appreciate it. We also use a char-grill, these steaks play havoc on it when it gets busy.

I usually keep a small camera on me at work. I photographed each sub par steak and e-mailed them to my rep.

A good portion of my time is devoted to not getting screwed. Not just by the meat guy but the fish guy, the plumber, the linen guy, the produce guy, etc.


Anonymous said...

I Hate getting screwed by the meat guy!


Scott said...