Friday, May 16, 2008


Recently I've dined out at two steak houses in Milwaukee. One was a chain and the other was a local favorite.
I hate to say it but I'd return to the chain and not the locally owned one.
Both had similarities and some big differences. One issue that both shared were large portions. Too much food, too much money. When I dine out I want a meal that is in proper proportion to a normal appetite. I don't see the value in eating leftovers. Why pay top dollar (over priced)for food prepared at a restaurant to have at home. I know why the restaurants do it. They want to drive up the check average by selling more food to the customer. They trust that the custom will perceive it as a good value. I disagree. A good value is a properly portioned and priced entree.

Also when I'm paying mid $30s for an entree (prices at one place easily reached into the $40s)I would like a cloth table covering and something other than the cheapest flatware and glassware you can buy. I also think a nice wine list would be appropriate.
I have scratched the local place off my list and will not recommend it in the future. The chain out performed the local place in every category except one. The steak was better at mom and pop's but not enough to convince me to go back.

Bottom line is both were severely over-priced and if I'm going to get screwed I prefer to do it in style.

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