Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'd like to congratulate Jesus Cruz (aka Cacho) my sous chef, on the birth of his daughter yesterday afternoon. He warned me when he came in that he thought today would be the day. I didn't doubt him. Of course it would be on a Saturday night.

I'd like to welcome Michael Walsh, a chef from Cleveland who's been writing a blog similar to this one since 2006. In the link section you can find him at "A View From The Kitchen".

I've been searching for chef's blogs and have been surprised how few of them are out there. Many are just vehicles for promotion. I try and stay away from that but I will occasionally use this blog as a tool to communicate with my customers.

Chef Walsh's blog comments on National and local trends, personal feelings and professional experiences. Much in the same style as I do. Photos also play a big role.

As I discover other chefs blogs I will add links.


Michael Walsh said...

Thanks for the great comments. Your new menu looks awsome. I'm glad there is a customer base for that type of cusine. That would be a hard sell even here in grand ole' Cleveland. I suggest you try adding a 'Poll' to your sidebar. It's a great way to get a idea of the number of guests actually reading the blog. Plus, It's an opportunity to write a post every week or so just to keep the blog flowing even when we might have little of interest to write about. Thanks again.

Scott Sebastian said...

Thanks Michael, I've thought about the polls and may do some in the future.

I know what you mean about "keep the flow going" It's not always easy posting on a consistant basis.

I also use Site Meter to count traffic.