Monday, August 18, 2008

Thought of the Moment.

I just stumbled across Bourdain's show. I used to get a kick out him. I think he's become a parody of himself. If he wasn't getting paid I think he'd be ashamed of himself. As far as the gig goes I'd take it but then I'd have to make snarky comments about myself.


Michael Walsh said...

tony is awsome. He works in kitchends like us, writes like us, then becomes sucessful melding the two while sucking the milk of the corperate tit allowing him to travel the world like he never would have before. This man is my idol. Someday i want a tv camers in my face at some fancy hotel in hong kong while i ramble on in a drunken stuper about how i was the greatest bistro chef in all the world, but the frites in china or 'ok.' god bless tony.

Scott Sebastian said...

I would like to meet Tony and party with him and his shows can be interesting but his style, his passive snobbishness and his "brand" are getting a little old. I used to DVR all his shows. Recently I viewed the one from Japan because of the knife maker and the one the other night. I rarely watch anymore. My "thought of the moment" is my best explanation why I don't tune in.

It still beats the other goofs on TV which I never watch.

Five said...

I agree that Bourdain had sort of become a parody of himself. Its like he is told by the director "hey Tony, can you rip on Rachel Ray for me!"

To his credit I think he has slowly gone away from that, especially this season.

Of any celebrity chef/food personality I think he and Batali would be the two that I would want to hang out with.

His show on Spain on Monday was awesome. Total food porn. He was downing razor clams, sardines, tiny grilled baby eels, uncured chorizo, crazy shit from El Bulli, and all kinds of other goodies. It made me want to go to Spain, or at least mail order some canned Spanish seafood.

Sure beats eating fermented shark, seal eyeballs, beating cobra heart, and the anus of a warthog.

Scott Sebastian said...

For some reason I had a hard time with the Spain show. Maybe it was a little "out there" for me.

Mario is a little much for me. Talks too much. Tony and I are from the same era and many of the experiences he talks about in Kitchen Confidential I can relate to. Still one of my favorite books. As I said I'd like to hang out with him but I don't DVR him anymore.