Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top Earning "Chefs"

I found this interesting.

How much does your favorite celebrity chef earn in a year? According to the latest Forbes list of top-earning celebrity chefs, Rachael Ray leads the pack.

Is there anybody else you think should have made the list? Where is Emeril?

1. Rachel Ray- $18 million
2. Wolfgang Puck - $16 million
3. Gordon Ramsay- $7.5 million
4. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa - $5 million
5. Alain Ducasse - $5 million
6. Paula Deen - $4.5 million
7. Mario Batali - $3 million
8. Tom Colicchio - $2 million
9. Bobby Flay - $1.5 million
10. Anthony Bourdain - $1.5 million

I'm not surprised. The older I get the more I realize it's all about marketing the package. Yes there are some very talented Chefs on the list but there are a couple clinkers as well. (Paula Dean was especially surprising)

Even the real Chefs on the list know it's about marketing and oppurtunity.


Michael Walsh said...

if only number 11 was scott s. and 12 was michael w. then we could sit back and laugh at this, but this is serious shit.

like you said, as you mature, you realize, cooking is not necesarily what this job is about if you are into making money.

Scott Sebastian said...

I'd take number 311.

Anonymous said...

I'll betcha Ducasse was insulted by being labeled as a "celebrity chef" alongside people like Rachael Ray and Paula Deen.

It surprises me that Todd English did not make the list. With all of the books, endorsements, catering and the Olives restaurant chain I would have thought he made significantly more than the $1.5 million entry point for the top ten. Same with Roy Yamaguchi. Their business managers must not be doing a very good job. And no, I am not a fan of either Olives or Roy's.

Paula Deen makes $4.5 million/year? How?? She is a hack that relies completely on the two crutches of fat and salt. Maybe I will learn how to speak with a southern accent, get a Food TV show and crank out recipes that begin with ten sticks of butter.

Emeril must not disclose his earnings because I'm positive he makes more than $1.5 million. One would think his partnership will All-Clad alone would rake in atleast a million per year.

- Dave Risch

Scott Sebastian said...

The list does seem flawed.

cuisinier said...

I remembered reading that at one point a couple years ago, Emeril and Jean Georges ranked as two of the highest paid celeb chefs, I believe under Wolfgang. They were in the realm of 12-14 million per annum. I would speculate that thye care not to reveal their status of wealth, as perhaps mny other so as not to draw attention, the IRS or as mentioned above, bring them to the same level as Rachel Ray or Paula Dean.