Friday, September 19, 2008

Wild Ravioli

Another installment on classic food and preparation. You could have this dish anywhere in the world and it wouldn't or couldn't be any better. I made some large ravioli using homemade pasta, wild mushrooms, fresh herbs and two kinds of cheese, goat and Parmesan.

The sauce is a very simple saute of freshly picked garden tomatoes, olive oil, onions, garlic, S&P, and fresh basil.

The mushrooms used were chanterelles and chick of the woods.


RAHiggins1 said...

Ravioli, dumplings, pierogi, kartoffelklausse, xia long bao, I love anything stuffed in a pasta dough and boiled. Every culture has some form of it. I hope to eat them all before I die. Yours looks very appetizing. I just turned to my wife and told her we may have to go to wisconsin and eat at your place some day.

Scott Sebastian said...

Well, if you do, I recommend Late August or September. The weather and the harvest is unbeatable.

And do the Lambeau thing.

Emily said...

We're having a chanterelle mushroom recipe contest and would love to have you enter your wild ravioli recipe! I linked to the contest through my name.

Scott Sebastian said...

I'd like to but I never write anything down.