Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Victor's Cooler

I just happened to randomly open Victor's saute cooler and took a couple photos. This is the way it always looks. In kitchen lingo it's known as "mis". (Pronounced mees, long "e".)


Just Jim said...

Nicely organized, very clean.
It's great when they don't let their mis get all over the place.

Scott Sebastian said...

After posting the photo I said "shit!" Someone is going to examine it and then comment how the proteins were stored above this or that.....I went back to look at the photo and everything is pretty much where it's supposed to be. With the exception of the shrimp cocktail. That was going to be served to private group in about a half an hour and it's the only shelf tall enough.

It's not because he's had extensive training on serve safety it's just coincidence that those items are the biggest movers and he has the easiest access.

We used to have a big two door stand-up reach in there. We replaced it with a nice work top reach-in. Victor loves it. He's maybe 5 feet tall.