Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Liked This One.

Mahai mahi stuffed with summer truffle with alder smoked paprika beurre blanc, purple sticky rice and a blend of petite mache, red amarynth and frilly mustard.

Tie the roll with kitchen string, dip the ends in seasoned flour and pan sear each end until golden. Finish in the oven.


Cory said...

whats your secret to purple sticky rice... cooked it a few times and felt like i either undercooked it or overcooked it... you treat it like a wholegrain?

Scott Sebastian said...

I hear you. We cook it like traditional rice although we tend to almost under cook it. I like it with a little texture. I'm a sauce guy so I usually gear my starch to be eaten with the sauce that's served. We will also over cook it a tad if we want to do timbals. That's when it gets sticky.