Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update

The critters stopped eating the lettuce. Don't ask me why. Perhaps it was the suggestion from a reader that I leave goodies out for the critters to eat instead.

Swiss Chard Brite Lites.

Lola Rossa, The lettuce is gorgeous.

Vietnamese Coriander

The beans are finding their way.

Self explanatory.

Ha! We finally warmed up and it really kicked the garden into high gear.

I need to catch up on weeding. During this heat spell I'm sneaking out first thing in the morning to do a few beds at a time.

We are currently harvesting lettuce. I hope to use it all this week. If you leave it in the ground to long it will get bitter. It will be sad to see it go but at the same time it's satisfying knowing I'm serving a product that is as good as it gets. Something I planted, nurtured, harvested and prepared. Now it's my job to take this gift and not screw it up. Quite frankly, that's my whole philosophy of cooking.

The peppers, purple basil and tomatoes have buds on them. I saw my first little green tomato today.


Anonymous said...

Great... There is nothing like fresh from the garden...I admire it..Takes a lot of work , a learning curve, time spent... The results always worth it though....
Lola ,lettuce,chard all look nice your garden is your inspiration and mine ......

Scott Sebastian said...

I don't know if you clicked on the lola photo but the close-up is pure lettuce porn.