Thursday, July 23, 2009

Current Line-up

After a near complete turn-over in the kitchen it looks like we are settle on the new line-up.


John is the typical 16 year old white kid who's first real job is as a dishwasher. That was me a long time ago. He came in blazing, thinking he was going to rule the dish tank. He learned fast it wasn't an easy job. He really struggles at the end of the night. I see that alot. They lose stamina. Not only physically but mentally. It's the end of the night that's the hardest. The pots and pans come rolling in at once.

Juan is an old pro. No worries when he's in the tank. (Don't ask me why I call the dishwasher area the "dish tank", I always have.)


Brad is back. I think I've fired Brad three times. He may hold the record. Brad is my age and a unique individual. He is the every nighter. If he can continue the improvement in his work habits he will work out just fine.

Corina is a trooper. She has a good work ethic and is pleasant to have around. Shy and uncomfortable around the boys she tends to keep to herself.

The Line

Victor still rules the saute spot.

Jeff has proved to be valuable during the transition and continues to fill in on a part time basis.

Sous Chef

Mat has the passion, that's what I was looking for. Now it's time to start reigning that in and getting in a rhythm. I've been distracted and have yet to apply the basics. I'm not worried, this line-up has the potential to do great things.


Anonymous said...

I take it that is the new bike on the left? I'm still shocked you purchased a Harley. Will you be keeping the "old" bike?

- Dave Risch

Scott Sebastian said...

Actually I'm thinking about selling it and buying a Fat Bob.

Brad the Garde Manger Man said...

Re: the salad Guy Now "Garde Manger"
to be totally honest i was fired twice and walked out twice once in a fit of pride combined with bad timing . not prooud of that but it's true...
Us cooks are usually pretty thick skinned .You have to be in this buiness... where casual insults are the usual means of communication... largely in spanish... and mostly having to do with masculinity or your family/parentage..but also fairly prideful that combination is part of restraunt kitchen survival But can sometimes lead to moments of foolishness
as for the firing record I'm nowhere near it angel still has it with 6 or 7 times...
Though this time my attituide is very different.. Much better