Saturday, August 29, 2009

Le Brigade de Cuisine

Matt, Victor and Juan. Notice Juan is the only one actually moving.

Javiar aka Diablo

Le Grande Garde Manger

Corina, ever demure.


Brad the Garde Manger Man said...

i think the cold foods side looks great

btw it's spelled garde manger
even thought its pronounced "garmanjay"

Scott Sebastian said...

Thanks for the proof read Brad. Not one for titles I'm unfamiliar with the spelling of a puffed up French title that gives the salad makers an improved image. Although during our conversations over the past several weeks I belive I was pronouncing it correctly.

Brad the Garde Manger Man said...

LOl and yup you were pronouncing it correctly btw love the line pic theres something very telling bout the fact that only juan was moving..