Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Robert Hall Winery Dinner

Click for close-ups.

Victor making the cherry "dumplings"

Robert (left) and Victor

Brad cutting the chestnuts before roasting.

Sean did a nice job on the lamb. (Sean is the Chef at Shilling's in Downtown Racine, he was kind enough to take me up on my offer to play with some food.)

Amuse, sweet grape stuffed with Carr Valley Billy Bleu with "Blis" Double Solera Elixer.

Day Boat Black Cod, poached in citrus olive oil, white alba truffle, parsley coulis. The coulis came out nice. Opaque like ink.
Sauvignon Blanc

I didn't get a photo of the beet salad.

Day boat scallop, maple accented sweet potato puree, demi-braised slab bacon, tart beurre blanc.

Breast of pheasant, cranberry-pheasant jus, beans ala "portobella".
Rhone de Robles

Garlic, mustard, thyme and panko crusted rack of lamb. Thyme infused demi-glace, roasted chestnuts, truffled mashed potatoes.
Cabernet Sauvignon

The lamb came out almost perfect. Not the easiest thing to do timing wise. Beautiful Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms racks. You order on Monday, they slaughter on Tuesday, package on Wednesday, deliver on Thursday. That's pretty fresh. They're about 40 miles away.

Very happy the way these turned out. Never had done them before.
Orange Muscat


Michael Walsh said...

Nice post, everything looks really sharp and on point. Those two truffles look amazing. All those zeros in the price is pretty amazing too!

Salty said...

Part of what got me on my execution soap box was how well everything went. The timing was near perfect, doneness on everything was near flawless, the wait staff rocked. It truly was like a well oiled machine. I can't say enough about the front of the house staff, quick, efficient, hassle free.

It was boom, boom, boom, pour, serve, clear, pour, serve, clear. Seven times, no gaps.

I am very proud of my staff.

Salty said...

P.S. In the original post I made sure to spell it both ways in the title. So I get hits either way you spell it. Including gallantine.

Salty said...

^ Oops, wrong post. Should be Top Chef post. Damned if I can't figure out how to fix it.

Michael Walsh said...

You are a lucky man to have a staff like that. I'm knee deep in special request, substitutions and wierd temp requests. We did a party of 23 last night and 18 plates had special requests!!! are you kidding me. The ticket was like 3 feet long.