Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes It Hits You.

I'll keep this short.

The other day I was notified by a long time employee/friend that he was offered a job making much more money. He told me because he felt guilty being offered the job. He told me he wouldn't leave me because,(I quote)"you made me".

It's been days and I still think about what he said. I am humbled. Truly humbled. I forget sometimes of the impact people can have on other's lives.

Thank you for the reminder. Once again you've taught me another lesson.


Anonymous said...

So is it an opportunity for him to advance his career? If so I guess you're going to kick him out the door into it right?

Salty said...

Excellent point. If I had the short term in mind maybe. I always preach it's about longevity and as much happiness as you can garner.

With that in mind, no, I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Why would he feel "guilty" for being offered the job? I would only tell my boss that I was offered a job for more money if I were trying to squeeze more money out of my current boss. Why else would I even mention it?

Very strange.

Strider said...

Something that also helped made us was the group of men and women for late night games of ghost recon working together to take out the enemy. Communication was necessary on teamspeak even though it wasn't all about the tatics. There was the jokes and stories we had for our comrades through the night. Glad you are doing well old friend!You once said "You don't have to play every day to be FNG. You don't have to play at all. FNG's are forever. If only in spirit we remain." and that is a fact. We will always remember those days and people. *FNG*Strider

Salty said...

Well said Bro. I miss those days.

FNG Idiotking

Salty said...

P.S. The restaurant he was offered a job at closed.