Monday, October 11, 2010

Duck With Audio (You may want to pause music)

I love to do duck in the cooler months. My preferred method is to serve a half duck done two ways, grilled breast with leg and thigh "confit" crisped on the grill. I use the carcass for duck demi, the fat for frying and the livers for pate. The same method can be used for chicken as well. (Except for the skin part, unless you like "cracklings".)

This video shows how I break down the duck. I might follow this up with a video tutorial on how to make the entire dish. It's classic but you can also put modern twists on it. A great wine dish as well.


Gregg said...

Wow! I look forward to the dish you prepare...yummy

skip said...

nice deba.... Gonna be in Saturday, whats the insider info on the specials?

Scott Sebastian said...

You mean that bent one?

Choice Angus strip (14oz) crusted with bleu cheese served with tart cherry demi.

The lamb is looking real good these days and you know the tuna rocks.