Saturday, November 20, 2010

My new website is up! It's dedicated to kitchen knives, tools and communication. It will have features, reviews, knife sales and forums. Jump in on the ground floor!


Michael Walsh said...

Hey Salty, I know you are way down with the upper-end knife selection, but a friend of mine and I are both shopping for basic home cook kitchen knives to buy for our loved ones as a Christmas gift. Can you help us?

We want to spend at/around/or under $100. Like i said they are knives for a home cook. What I think is important is light weight, manageable size, easily sharpened edge. We both are currently looking at a few Wustoff Santukos, but I am wonder if you know of something under the radar that would be special.

Thanks for your help.

Scott Sebastian said...

Tojiro DP from

Michael Walsh said...

Thanks, just ordered the Tojiro DP!

TDT said...

Congrats on the new website! My wife recently attended one of your clinics and was thrilled.

We will need to pick up a whet stone to keep the knife in top shape (You were kind enough to sharpen it as an example)

What is your recommendation for a combination whet stone for basic Shun sharpening.

Thanks in advance