Saturday, July 12, 2008

Salty's Knives (Click on photo for close ups)

Bob Kramer Meji 240 Damascus

The workers all dressed in black

Three Michael Raders

Kanemasa Mukimono

Shigefusa 240 Kitaeji Gyuto and Mizuno Tanrenjo 240 Suminigashi

Michael Rader Small Santoku

Shigefusa 240 Kitaeji Yanagi

Shigefusa 270 Yanagi

Speaks for itself. Arguably three of the best gyutos in the world.

Masamoto 240 Gyuto White Steel Mizu Honyaki

Shigefusa Nakiri

Nenohi Kiritsuke. This is one sexy knife. Unsusual characteristics. It will take some practice to master it.

Misono 360mm stainless bread knife. If you want to spoil yourself get a good quality Japanes bread knife. Incredibly sharp. This thing tears up cutting boards.

Old faithfull. Hattori KD 180mm santoku. I've owned and used this knife for seven years. (As you can tell) It's in need of refurbishment.

Watanabe 270mm Damascus sujihiki. This knife is unreal. The steel feels unworldly, as if from another planet. Used primarily for sashimi. Double beveled.

Seki Cut Deba. Used like a small clever. Also great for breaking down whole fish.

Masamoto 360mm hon-kasumi yanagi in white steel. My go to sashimi knife. Some people dis Masamoto, I think this is a superb knife.

The Queen Mother of all knives. Mizuno Tanrenjo 390mm special blue steel honyaki yanagi. Select ebony handle with hand tooled silver. Ebony saya (sheath). Traditionally used for sashimi I also use it for slicing boneless whole roasts.

Yawakawa (or something like that) santoku. I bought this inexpensive knife on ebay to try out the Japanese handle. (Which I liked) Surprisingly sharp handy knife.

Togiharu 180mm santoku. A good all around knife. Nice edge and retention. Used often for everyday prep.

Takeda 240mm cabon (white) steel. The blade on this thing is huge. A cool rustic look. Great long lasting edge. Especially for white steel.

Carter Funayaki 203mm in white steel. This is one sexy knife. Used alot. Much like a santoku, great for slicing and dicing just about anything. Very thin blade so you have to use discretion when using. Extremely sharp.

Sabatier utility knife. Old school French made knife that I use more as a pairing knife.

Mr. Itou 190mm Gyuto. This one is like the hot rod in the garage. Rarely taken for a spin. The handle is a matter of taste. Some people think these bold knives are gaudy.

Fugiwara 270mm stainless sujihiki. Although this on is single beveled. I use this often for sashimi and tataki. Also occasionally as a filet knife.

Hiromoto 270mm carbon steel gyuto. Used for rough prep. Great for lettuce, cabbage etc.

A.E.S. Damascus barbeque knife. My much maligned Argentinian bbq knife. A thick informal knife that in Argentina is traditionally brought to outdoor barbeques.

Global Vegetable knife. This remains from the old guard. Good for cutting soft vegys.

Mr. Itou paring knife. I don't use paring knives much but this one is cute.

Misono Honkotsu in Swedish Carbon Steel. Sturdy knife for cutting anything with bones. I use it most for cutting between the bones of rack of lamb during service. I'm still looking for a Japanese knife to trim tenders.

Chroma Eight inch Chef's Knife
This used to be my every day knife. A good sturdy journeyman's knife.

Hattori KD 210 Gyuto. It doesn't get much use but this knife is the "Ferrari parked in the garage". I'll take it out when the weather is nice just for the sheer pleasure of driving it.


Anonymous said...

Great looking knives, Scott! What are the pros/cons of single 80/20 versus double 50/50?

Dave Risch

Scott Sebastian said...

Some people say a single bevel blade will twist or steer when cutting, hence an experienced user is best suited for a single bevel blade. I don't find much difference. Possibly there are greater diferences when using a single bevel gyuto. I couldn't tell you because I have never used one. As far as yanagis or sujis go I don't perceive a difference.

Soop said...

Hey, fancy selling the Chroma?

Scott Sebastian said...

Sorry, It's been put into service at my summer home.

Anonymous said...

"Takeda 240mm cabon (white) steel. The blade on this thing is huge. A cool rustic look. Great long lasting edge. Especially for white steel."

White Steel??? It says AS (Hitachi Super Steel) right on the knife!!!

Anonymous said...

what do I expect to pay for a Mizuno Tanrenjo 390mm?

Anonymous said...

and where to buy one?


Scott Sebastian said...

about 8K new. If you're serious about one I'm thinking of selling mine.


tried the devin thomas itk suji?

Scott Sebastian said...

No. I have a Masamoto suji coming.

Anonymous said...

I'm shopping for a new knife. I'm just a home cook. I notice you said you used the Chroma as your everyday for a while. Would you chose this over a Shun or Global G2? I'm looking for something utilitarian, that will last me for a while, without breaking the bank, but still has some "sex appeal". Nothing like the caliber of some of your knives, but thought you might be willing to share an opinion.


Scott Sebastian said...

Look a Togiharu at sexy looking, inexpensive and it works well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on Togiharu. Might trouble you with another question on them? The korin site shows a variety of materials available. Would you have a recommendation for a home cook like myself?

Thanks again.

Scott Sebastian said...

Stainless or stainless clad

Adss said...

I want to buy a new japanese knife for professional use. Sharpen, balenced, durable, nice confortable handle. Less than 500 dollars.
What do you suggest?

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Great looking knives, Scott!
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