Saturday, July 12, 2008


It's been a couple weeks since we've changed the menu and for the most part I'm happy with it. I've already done the usual tweak and changed the tuna and the rib eye. The tuna was a little ambitious for the kitchen staff and the customers. The rib eye is an absolutely gorgeous steak but when I changed the menu price to where it really should be sales fell drastically. I continue to be frustrated with the fact that a lesser steak is being served in many restaurants in Milwaukee for $10 more. I decided to bring back the New York strip which I can sell at a lower price. It's also a beautiful steak and will probably be more popular but I'll miss the bone-in beast.

I've started to dry age my beef tenderloins and strip loins. It will improve the quality and hopefully help set us apart from our competitors. The strip is a 14oz dry-aged USDA Choice product. Served with a bourbon-Dijon sauce with garlic-chive mashed potatoes. ($29) If I may add, bargain priced IMO. The tuna will be panko encrusted, lightly pan seared, sliced and served with ponzu glaze and sauce Maltaise. I'm purposely making the Maltaise (orange accented Hollandaise) a little thin so we can do a drizzle effect on the plate.

As far as logistics go it's been an up and down battle. It will take myself and the boys a little time to get in a rhythm. Business has been surprisingly strong so it's been a challenge.

New salad plates will be arriving next week after an unexpected delay. Square white plates that I think will add a little style to the presentation. White rectangles and squares are all the rage these days. I've incorporated both into the new menu.

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Anonymous said...

Tried the new menu tonight. Fabulous! The scallops are to die for.