Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ahi (Click for close-up.)

The latest rendition of our tuna entree. #1 sashimi grade Ahi, nori tempura, ponzu, pickled ginger, wasabi, mango-poblano slaw and Asian style red cabbage slaw, golden pea shoots, micro intensity herbs.

It sounds like there's too much going on but I like the variety of flavors you can enjoy with each bite. It's like having it prepared three ways. The nori tempura is surprisingly tasty. A pain in the ass to cook but worth the trouble.


Michael Walsh said...

Great lookings dish, very generous with the tuna as well! I just love pea tendrals, one of the tastier garnishes around. I'm guessing nori tempura is more complicated than tempura dipped nori sheets?

Scott Sebastian said...

No, you got it. Tempura dipped nori. Still a pain in the ass. It's hard retaining the "sheet". We layer the tuna on top of it.

Jeff said...

That looks amazing! I need to get over to your place sometime and try some of these dishes that I salivate over in your blog postings.