Wednesday, November 12, 2008

aaahh, just to the point of flaking. Way fresh sable fish aka "black cod", Alaskan spot prawns sauteed with poblano and red pepper, brandy and prawn shell reduction. (yum)

I'm not sure if the onions work. They eat good though.

(I encourage you to click for close-ups)
Find me a prettier salad.

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Michael Walsh said...

Good looking salad. Those are pea shoots, right? I think pea shoots and pea tendrils are some of the tastiest salad components around. I always see them in a big abused bag at the Asian market, so they must be available thru a greenhouse. I'm gonna try to get some myself.

I see you have had spot prawns around lately. It's fresh britol bay king crab season right now. If you've never had it, by god it's the greatest thing out of the sea. The season is short though, and after i tastes this fresh stuff the frozen just doesn't cut it.