Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cook Book Synergy

A tip of the hat to Michael Walsh for facilitating a cookbook discussion on the chef's blogoshere. I'm not an authority but it prompted me to take a snap shot of my cook book shelf. It's grown considerably over the nine years we've been cooking here.


Michael Walsh said...

you've put together quite an array of international influences there on the shelf.

I had the epiphany while looking at your picture, and examining my own stack of books that, while we might have an overwhelming wealth of information at our fingertips on the web, we still collect the old paper, ink, and glue stuff. and while google can find me something close to what i want...we can finger through a cookbook we looked at last year and easily find that one recipie we are looking for.

Scott Sebastian said...

I use them more for as a quick source of basic info. Like a spaetzle or dumplig recipe, tart crust, kabayaki, etc. Not so much for the conceptual idea of a dish.