Thursday, April 2, 2009

Enya Makes Me Melancholy

The new mother goes out to party for the first time since having her baby. She comes home feeling a bit tipsy and takes the baby to bed with her. She wakes up in the morning to find her lifeless baby partially underneath her.

It’s not the death that is so memorable but the human sorrow. A witness to hell. Blood and guts almost seems easy.

Blood smells like metal. If there’s enough to smell it’s not a good thing.

I remember my first CPR. I remember the perfume and the dress she had on. To this day when I smell that perfume it takes me right back. It smells like death.

I remember a kid asking me for my autograph.

I remember the sunrises over Lake Michigan while sitting on the roofs of burnt out German Duplexs.

I remember thinking I was going to die....................

I remember my father.

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