Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Salty's Kitchen Immersion

Would you like to improve you kitchen skills?
Would you like to feel what it's like working in a professional kitchen?
Would you like to learn how to expertly sharpen your knives?

I am offering an opportunity to experience all of the above and more.

Salty's Kitchen Immersion

Knife Maintenance
You'll start your day at 9:00am with a tour and sharpening session. The length of the session depends on the participants interest level. This is an opportunity to have one on one instruction for as much time needed.

Early lunch
(Nothing fancy we eat what's convenient)

Menu planning and meat fabrication

Practical skills reinforcement

Fish fabrication

At this time we'll be ready for service. The participant has the option of staying for service and assisting on a cook's station or calling it a day. This option will include dinner and beverages after the shift. (Ordering off the menu)

Of course there is a cost. I'm not going to put up with a novice on my wing all day for nothing. E-mail me at salty@saltyskitchen.com for details.

When it's time to work, we work. When it's time to play, we play. You'll do both in Salty's Kitchen. The immersion is limited to two people at a time maximum. The only reason is to allow couples and friends to attend together. Otherwise this is a solo experience.

Immersions are held on Saturdays. We wouldn't want to do it on a slow day would we?

We can assist you with local accommodations.

Extended weekend immersions are also available.


Anonymous said...

Where does one sign up?

Thanks ,

Scott Sebastian said...

Shoot me an e-mail salty@saltyskitchen.com

Anonymous said...

Is this for real? You would want some novice wandering around your kitchen on a Saturday night?

Scott Sebastian said...

Hell yeah it's real. Know of anywhere else in the the world where that can be done?

Better than Disneyland baby!

Mike Z said...

I wish you were in NY man.. I would love to help on a one of the stations in the restaurant, but that sounds like a great day working with the fish and menu. Great idea!

Scott Sebastian said...

If you're ever in the neighborhood Mike, I'll be doing this until further notice.

Dave Risch said...

You are a genius. Coming up with a plan where people are paying you to work for you. Only in America.

Scott Sebastian said...

You have it backwards, I'll be working for them. Ever get a chance to fabricate beef primals? Handle, break down whole fish? One on one knife sharpening and a chance to experience some of the best knives in the world? Experience the culture and pace of of a pro kitchen? Learn to make sauces, proper cooking methods, etc. Seriously, for anyone who ever wondered what it was like or just wanted to learn how to cook efficiently it's a bargain.

johndoughy said...

Brilliant! Its both hilariously Tom Sawyer-ing the populace, AND a really amazing experience for non-pro cooks! I remember the episode of Master Chef where they go into a kitchen and they are FAWNING over "all the stainless steel" and "it's a REAL professional KITCHEN". I probably would be like that too, but it still seems funny to me.

If and when I quit the biz, I'd love to do something like this for old time's sake!

RAHiggins1 said...

you would be paying me by the end of the day... just sayin.

Anonymous said...

My email got bounced, but i am interested. Can you send me details?

Scott Sebastian said...

E-mail sent

tk59 said...

Howdy Salty,
I have officially added this to my bucket list. Hopefully, you're still doing it when the time comes!