Friday, February 18, 2011

Random (got to write something)

I read a comment from a fresh line cook in one of the forums I hang out in. He said he started as a dishwasher in 09 and moved up to line cook five months later. He loves the job and wants to learn, etc. A very eager young man.

It made me think, when did I start as a dishwasher? It was 1974 and I have been in professional kitchens ever since.

Just sayin.


Karring said...

Are you going to put your videos that were on YouTube somewhere else? Maybe here?


Michael Walsh said...

Fresh cooks are the worst. We just hired a 17 year old who is going to a culinary trade school and if I hear, "Well, my chef at school says....fill in the blank with something completely unreasonable in a real kitchen" I'm going to litery throw is skinny ass out of the kitchen.

Scott Sebastian said...

Just hired a 25 year old wanna be. He has potential. Had to explain to him those little Mexican guys already know 3 times as much as him and will run circles around him. If anyone needs something from the basement HE runs. Get it!