Saturday, February 26, 2011

Videos and Forums

I will be posting all videos at from now on. The site also contains a rudimentary message board that you can communicate on. If it becomes popular I may upgrade at a later date. There will be no vendor categories on the site. Vendors may participate but if I see any marketing going on I will ban them. I will rule with an iron fist.

I no longer participate at


m.r.m. said...

would be sweet, if the forum were to support opera as well as inet explorer and firefox (maybe software update?).

if that is too much of a hassle, no biggie, i'll just dust off the old firefox for this.

Bao said...

Thanks Scott! I learn a lot from you, as well as many of the old guards. Your site is amazing.


Scott Sebastian said...

Nice to see you Bao.

johndoughy said...

Hey I heard you did a review of comparing how different strop materials paired with different compounds. I'm real interested in that! Got any idea where I can find that?

johndoughy said...

What forum are you hanging around on, anyways? I've been on KKF, cause FF won't let me in(which is whack).

Scott Sebastian said...

I have a basic forum at that I post videos and stay in touch with people. I am an official contributor at Rockbox's forums I have another site that has the forums in one place,

I'm re-producing most of my videos and will be re-posting them little by little.