Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things That Make Me Shake My Head

Delivery surcharge:
As if they're not already building in the increased cost of gas into the product price. Seafood prices are way up AND I'm being charged a surcharge. (Don't let the fish guy kid you, it's a great time to overcharge.)

How can a restaurant sell a grouper entree for $14.00 when grouper sells for $14.00 per lb?

Perch? Walleye?
No, Zander. Next time you enjoy (at least think you do) that perch or walleye fry wonder what you're really eating.

Beef Tenderloin?
Most likely it's cow tenderloin and resembles liver more than a tenderloin

How can a restaurant feature crab on the menu when they don't actually serve it?

"Italian" Restaurants
I can't believe how many bad Italian restaurants there are. I'm guessing there is 1 good one for 500 bad ones. The Olive Garden is the best Italian restaurant in this town. (By far)

I still believe you don't have to scam people to dine in your restaurant. (Although it's getting harder and harder)

Food network
It's not helping the chef biz.

Food network
It's not helping the restaurant biz.

Food TV in General
Has it's head up it's ass.

Does anyone whine more than these people.

They should be whining but don't. (And make 1/4 of what foodservers do)

Credit Cards
Please use cash when you can and if you do use a credit card please leave us a copy of the receipt!

Over Priced Steakhouses
I'm here for tonight's meal not tomorrow's.

Bad Italian Restaurants
I'm here for tonight's meal not tomorrow's and the next day's.

Foodservers Revisited
My wife and daughter are not "guys". I don't "work" on my dinner, I enjoy it. (well, sometimes)

"We'll Be Back"
Code for it was really good but too expensive.

My favorite people in the world

My least favorite people in the world.

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RAHiggins1 said...

Maybe you should make parpadelle with a sweet basil sausage on the side and take grouper(if its not a whole fish you parted down how do you know its really grouper?)off the menu. you could go eat at your own place, at least your help knows their jobs depend on it.